Free payback on investment software for energy efficient & low carbon technologies.

Calculate your potential energy and carbon savings of upgrading to energy efficient and low carbon technologies. We’ll even help you get in contact with suppliers and arrange installation.

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Energy Efficiency Software Unique FREE to use payback on investment software Network of Experts Access Network of Sustainability, Net Zero, ESOS & SECR experts Carbon Calculator Free business carbon (GHG) calculator

Energy Efficiency Survey Free

Our site has a variety of ways of helping you and your organisation reduce it’s energy bill and carbon footprint. From upgrading existing fixtures to introducing new energy saving technologies, we’ll help you lower your bills and carbon footprint.


Energy Saving Technologies Our software enables users to generate instant payback on investment calculations.
Downloadable Results Get a copy of your results with our option to download them as a PDF.
Shareable Results Page Easily share your with colleagues using our in-page share feature.
1-Click Contact Suppliers Let suppliers know you are interested in their products with a single click.
2,000+ Upgrades We have thousands upgrades to ensure we offer the biggest savings.
Approved Suppliers The best suppliers already picked and ready to assist your upgrades.

Survey Results

What you receive from a completed survey:

Real Products/Real Solutions System presents energy/cost/carbon savings based on upgrade of real products from real suppliers.
New Technologies Automatic analysis of existing assets generates instant upgrade/replacement recommendations.
Suppliers Gain instant access to suppliers offering selected upgrades at competitive prices.
Financial Statistics
Annual Costs & Energy Savings
Installation Costs
Return on Investment (ROI)
Net Present Value
Government Subsidies
Annual Carbon Savings
Carbon Tax Savings

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Survey Tip

Inputting accurate data is essential but doesn't need to be hard

Watch one of our experts complete a survey from start to finish. Or, read one of our articles on how to make sure you get accurate results from a survey. Remember, good data in gives great savings out.

Network of independent sustainability/low carbon professionals

Access a network of professionals who can help your business drive down emissions, save energy and reduce costs. Our experts can help you comply with legislation (ESOS, SECR etc.) and analyse, target, and reduce carbon emissions.

Net Zero

Our experts will:

  • Calculate & report carbon emissions, including your supply chain (scope 3)
  • Develop and deliver a bespoke Carbon Reduction Plan (example)
  • Set achievable Net Zero targets and provide real solutions on how to achieve them.
  • Generate annual SECR report (example)
  • Update reports on an annual basis
  • Be on the end of the phone/TEAMs to provide friendly expert advice whenever you require.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Our fully qualified ESOS Lead Assessors will:

  • Review & audit 12 months of energy consumption data over required assessment period
  • Identify required 90% of energy consumption that must be subject to an ESOS compliant audit
  • Complete/manage ESOS compliant audits on at least 90% of energy consumption
  • Identify energy saving opportunities based on real products from real suppliers
  • Produce ESOS report and ESOS evidence pack
  • Provide Lead Assessor review and sign-off services

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting

Our experts will use our advanced automated system to produce fully compliant SECR report quickly and at low cost. The service includes:

  • Collate and review data, providing valuable ‘sense check’ review of information provided
  • Provide expert advice on assessing carbon emissions in accordance with GHG protocol methodology
  • Generate fully complaint SECR reports within 48 hours ready for annual account submission
  • Provide guidance on how to target and implement carbon reduction initiatives
  • Facilitate purchase of verifiable carbon offsets

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our energy efficiency survey's are 100% free of charge. You can complete as many as you like
Yes, we can calculate your companies carbon emissions including the notoriously difficult supply chain (scope 3) emissions. Our streamlined process will enable quick and comprehensive compliance with supplier and legislative requirements.
With a free, no obligation meeting with one of our experts. Contact us to get arrange a no obligation chat. We provide a holistic service, calculating your emissions, setting reduction targets, and providing systems and real solutions to reduce emissions year on year. Alternatively, review the training resources provided and start using the calculator.
Yes. We want users to generate accurate payback on investment calculations. To achieve this, you need good data in, to get good data out. If you would like a free demonstration with an expert, please get in touch. Alternatively, review our training documentation and videos.
No – We have built the system as a tool for all users as a free instant payback on investment tool. Savings are based on real products to enable accurate results. You do not have to purchase them.
Is your question not answered above? Ask us directly

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