About Us

Our concept

A site that enables users to quickly obtain costed payback on investment calculations for a broad range of energy saving technologies.

What makes it unique?

For each technology there is a button which users can select. We call these buttons 'modules.' The use of buttons on the landing page is different to existing energy saving software which requires users to input laborious building/plant information before any results are obtained. Our approach simplifies the process allowing any user, from homeowner to energy professional, to use the site and obtain meaningful results.

The site is web based and is free to use. We are unaware of any other site offering free energy saving payback on investment calculations for multiple technologies.

Payback on investment calculations are based on data from actual energy saving products with a link to the product presented to the client on the results page.

The sites uses Life Cycle Cost Analysis to calculate payback estimates. This will be of significant interest to businesses and energy professionals looking for detailed investment advice.

Why are modules special?

Each module is independent of the other, but the user can select multiply modules if they are interested in more than one technology. Upon selection users are required to enter the in-situ technology and building/consumption/user details. After inputting the data, the site instantly provides payback on investment calculations and carbon savings.

What are our aspirations for the site?

We envisage a multitude of modules to be in place on the site. Below is a list of technologies that we hope to create modules for in the near future:

.... The list goes on and on....

In addition, we plan to expand the results page to allow users to enter a shadow price of carbon allowing businesses to account for the social cost of carbon in their business decisions. We also plan to allow professional users the ability to produce detailed investment reports and earn commission on any sales generated through the site.

What else is interesting about the site?

The site allows user to select which currency you want the results in. Therefore, the site will have international appeal allowing suppliers to increase their international exposure and sales.